Psychology Research Paper Topics

The field of psychology is one of the most studied branches of science. Practically everything we do today is connected to our psychics and subconscious. Psychology is a broad branch that enables you to choose a topic that adequately covers a subject without running out of information.

Fortunately, there are several places where you can get a great topic. But you will need to have prior knowledge of one or two ideas before you start. You can research essay info online.

There are different branches of psychology that you can pick a topic from. Below are five of the branches and examples of great topics you can choose from.

 Branches and Examples of Topics in Psychology

1. Cognitive Psychology

This branch of psychology deals with mental processes like memory, thoughts, and problem-solving. It deals with the perception and the ability of the brain to articulate and solve problems.


  • Why do humans subdue unpleasant memories?
  • What impact does modern technology has on our attention spans?
  • The process of reasoning- a contrastive study between children and adults
  • An analysis of cognitive process movements in individuals over time
  • The psychological explanation behind collective and individual obedience

2. Forensic Psychology

This application of psychology solves legal-related problems. It is also known as legal psychology.

Topics on Forensic Psychology

  • Is society ignoring domestic violence aimed towards men?
  • The roles of the internet and other forms of technology in copycat crimes?
  • Could the actions of a serial killer have been avoided with a more proper upbringing?
  • The effectiveness of rehabilitation in prisons and the criminal justice system
  • What strategies have the best chance of success regarding internet policing?

3. Industrial Psychology

This branch deals with practical problems faced in industrial settings through the use of psychological methods.

Topics on Industrial Psychology

  • Examining the impact of physical activity on the work efficiency of employees
  • Privacy and informational privilege in employing organizations
  • The Effects of Globalization on Workplaces

4. Developmental Psychology

This branch of psychology focuses on the development of humans over time. It explains this development in the micro and macro senses.

Topics on developmental psychology

  • What factors cause violence in children?
  • What is the role of gender in modern society?
  • How is loneliness perceived and managed across the lifespan?
  • How does maternal stress during pregnancy affect the cognitive development of children?
  • How important are emotions during pregnancy?

5.  Clinical Psychology

This branch of psychology deals with the scientific way of managing psychological problems. It is also called psychotherapy.

 Topics on Clinical psychology

  • Is behavioral therapy effective in treating criminals?
  • What are the factors that contribute to post-traumatic stress disorder?
  • Effect of an abusive relationship on the psychology of the victim
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy procedures for depression
  • The causes of eating disorders in adolescents


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