Brief Guide on Term Paper Writing

Most examiners use term papers to evaluate students’ academic progress, and these often get established to complete seminars or modules. It, therefore, comes as no surprise to find their subjects targeting the lecture and seminar contents.  Additionally, your instructor can also decide to furnish you with a listing of eligible subjects. Do you have a term paper to write and have no idea how to about it?

Sections of an Excellent Term Paper

Term papers often have a structure and an outline that you must adhere to as a student if you want to score highly. An excellent structure not only helps you to score highly when it gets graded but ensures that your ideas get passed to the reader in a clear, concise, and pointed manner. So what should your term paper entail?

  • Cover sheet. Most academic institutions give students cover sheets, besides the expected self-designed sheet students have to come up with. As a student, however, you have to ensure that your cover sheet fulfills all your university requirements. 
  • A contents list. The section should typically contain a descending content list and should avoid exceeding three subheading rows. Otherwise, you can get the solitary chapters getting too short.
  • Introduction. The start of your paper has to let readers reconstruct the golden threat. To do this, you have to explain the problem or scope as discussed in your text. Additionally, you have to touch on your study’s relevance in your field, the approaches you use, methods, and the objective of your study outcomes. Ideally, you have to let it take up about 10-15% of the paper. You also have to start numbering your pages from this point.
  • Body. Here, you have to discuss the problem hierarchically and in a structured manner. However, it becomes prudent to note that you can use other specific methods referred to in a chapter. Each chapter looks at specific aspects in subchapters.
  • Conclusion. It finalizes your paper and always sums up your research outcomes and what opinions you have concerning them. It also becomes essential to maintain a standard when it comes to the academic style of writing. So take care of all the relevant facts.
  • Index. Here, you have to display all relevant materials used in the research, and these can include tables, pictures, literature, transcripts, maps, etc. Please do not forget to include certificates from diverse module parts besides a plagiarism statement.
  • It was finding a subject. You will always get a conglomeration of themes in the seminar or lecture course, especially while writing your term paper. The themes usually get prescribed. However, if that cannot prove the case, you have to reflect on the sessions to get it figured out. For instance, what exciting or compelling parts consist of, what topics prove unclear, etc.  It, therefore, becomes important to use catchwords such as timescale, geography, compare/connect, institution, etc.
    You can start by picking two questions, and this should appear in the university’s library. It becomes crucial to speak to your instructor about your choices and prove appropriate in constructing your paper’s outline. Name your most crucial theories and literature you will use in the study before commencing the process.

The Planning Process

  • Initial orientation and material sighting
  • The literature choice becomes a vital aspect concerning term paper grading. Because of this, every piece of literature has to originate from a college or university library. However, you can also use other sources, provided it fulfills the standards required for a literary source.
  • Using the literature. It becomes essential to begin writing the potential quotes and skim through them. In this manner, you will avoid incidences of plagiarism.
  • Integrating data and sources into the outline. Use a hierarchical or an individual system to incorporate the selected material in the outline.
  • After that, you have to write the initial draft, revise and proofread it, besides doing your paper’s final draft.


It becomes crucial to adhere to the laid down guidelines in writing an influential term paper, in instances where you have to write one.

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